I am a creative musician, artist and software developer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My digital work is informed by chaotic functions, nature and creative mental states. My works are created entirely by algorithms seeded with a small set of input parameters. In these works, there are no continuous objects– lines, areas. Rather, they are made from millions of dots sprayed seemingly randomly on a screen. Over time, patterns emerge which the eye connects into continuous features. Such a process may seem dry and mathematical at first glance, I find that my work invites the mind to “connect the dots” into beautiful and pleasing patterns and can invite non-verbal emotions and unique mental states.

The images recreated on this site are small, low-resolution versions of the originals. However, the actual works are quite large and printed at a very fine resolution. The intense detail can be enjoyed at a close distance while the entire work can be viewed from further away.